A new member of our team

Meet Otorhinolaryngologist Zebur Alishanidze – a seasoned professional with years of experience.

 Visit hours: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday to Thursday.

With Dr. Zebur, you gain access to top-quality, expert services and treatment for a range of conditions, including:

* Sinusitis
* Otitis
* Laryngitis
* Pharyngitis
* Larynx Tumors

 Dr. Zebur utilizes modern technologies and techniques to perform procedures such as:

* Septoplasty
* Sinus clearance
* Nasal septum reconstruction and cartilage restoration
* Adenotomy
*Tonsillectomy - using electrocoagulation and coblation methods
* Adenotonsillectomy
* Endoscopic interventions on paranasal sinuses

 For further information and appointment scheduling, please call: 577 96 44 11.