International  University Hospital Batumi medical staff with high qualifications and modern medical equipment provides the diagnostics and subsequent treatment of the most complex urological diseases and nephrology.
Urological direction provides the following services:
•    Men and women Urology
•    Prostate cancer
•    Bladder cancer
•    Testicular tumor
•    Penis cancer
•    Reconstructive Urology
•    Prostate Diseases
•    Bladder and kidney diseases
•    External genital diseases
•    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
•    Infertility, impotence
•    Valium
•    Laparoscopic Urology
Hospital provides the latest medical equipment into bladder, kidneys and urethra stones break up; Transurethral resection of bladder tumors and prostate (TUR) resection. Ultrasonographic control of kidney cysts Percutaneous puncture treatment.