Obstetrics and Gynecology

International University Hospital Batumi offers a full range of obstetrics and gynecology services. Highly experienced and professional team of specialists cares on the health of patients. Obstetrics and Gynecology Department is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, which allows an accurate and high-efficient examination opportunity.
Ambulatory Gynecology:
•    Gynecological endocrinology;
•    Treatment of spontaneous abortion;
•    Uterine fibroids conservative treatment;
•    Endometriosis Treatment;
•    Climacteric syndrome and hormone replacement therapy;
•    Inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs;
•    Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections;
•    Diagnosis and treatment of non-inflammatory diseases of the cervix.
Surgical gynecology (endoscopic surgery)   
•    Uterine fibroids;
•    Ovarian cyst, hidrosalpingsi
•    Piosalpingsi;
•    Ectopic pyosalpinx.
.                          Simultaneous (combined) operations:
•    Diagnostic and operational hysteroscopy;
•    Lumen tube sterilization and restorative plastic surgery;
•    Drilling in case of Polycystic ovarian syndrome;
•    In case of trophoblast disease (chorionepithelioma).

Pregnancy surveillance in the modern type of women consultation   
Pregnancy care through the state program includes 4 free visit, which includes the following examinations:
The first visit – up to 13 weeks of pregnancy:
•    An obstetrician-gynecology consultations
•    Therapeutist Consultation
•    Blood analysis
•    Urinalysis
•    Syphilis diagnostics fast / simple method
•    Hepatitis diagnosis fast / simple method
•    Determine HIV antibody rapid / simple method
•    Determination of blood group and rhesus
•    Vaginal smear examination Bacterioscopic
Second visit –  up to 20 weeks of pregnancy:
•    An obstetrician-gynecology consultations
•    Small - pelvic organs ultrasound (fetal structural anomalies to reveal)
Third visit - up to 30-32 weeks of pregnancy
•    An obstetrician-gynecology consultations
•    Determine the amount of protein in the blood
•    Determination of hemoglobin in the blood
Fourth visit - up to 34-36-38 weeks of pregnancy
•    An obstetrician-gynecology consultations
•    Determine the amount of protein in the blood
Deliveries in the individual delivery room
According to your wish, it is possible husband to attend at delivery.
Mother and infant are together, within 24 hours, except for the period, which is needed for medical and hygiene procedures.
Vaginal delivery - anesthesia is possible (The so-called, epidural anesthesia).
Cesarean delivery - general endotracheal or epidural anesthesia.

All types of abnormal pregnancy-related pathological cases are managed in the hospital. Department offers:
- Expected premature delivery predict, prevent, manage;
- Heavy form of pre-eclampsia diagnosis, treatment and management;
- Any extragenital diseases and pregnancy - diagnosis and management;
- Management of the Pathological conditions of the fetus during pregnancy and delivery.
Also observation ward is functioning, where if necessary, as pregnant women as well as delivery care is underway in isolated conditions.
isolated conditions being as pregnant women, as well as the delivery, management.