In the International  University Hospital  Batumi laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical operations are done in the following way:
•    Esophageal surgical pathologies: tumors of the esophagus, stricture, diverticulum, diaphragm hernia, reflex esophagitis;
•    Gastric and duodenal pathologies: tumors of the stomach, gastric and duodenum ulcerative disease;
•    Intestinal surgical pathologies: Crohn's disease, colon diverticular disease, ulcerative colitis, colon malignant and non malignant tumors;
•    Liver, gall bladder and biliary tract surgical pathologies: acute cholecystitis, bile-stone disease, postcholecystectomy syndrome, gallbladder and biliary tract tumors, mechanical jaundice, liver malignant and non malignant tumors, cysts, parasitic cysts;
•    Pancreas chronic diseases non malignant and pormonetalurad active tumors, cysts, malignant tumors, acute and chronic pancreatitis;
•    Acute surgical pathologies: acute appendicitis, peritonitis, cholecystitis, purulent hernia, intestinal obstruction;
•    Various locations hernia surgery: hip inguinal, umbilical, postoperative (including prosthetic materials of Johnson’s firm)
•    Obesity surgical treatment;
•    Spontaneous pneumothorax, lung bullous disease treatment;
•    Endocrine organs surgical pathologies: goiter, thyroid and adrenal malignant and non malignant tumors;
•    Skin and soft tissue cancer formations: lip